Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Election is Here

Welcome back to the blog.  Thanks for checking it out.

Perhaps you've heard that it's a presidential election year.

We haven't discussed the topic much in class, as it's not exactly part of our standards.  We've been focusing on latitude and longitude, culture, globalization, industrialization, and most recently, the economy.

Still, as a social studies teacher, I couldn't let today pass without saying SOMETHING.

One of the things we discussed today were political ads.  I said that there are basically two types: "Vote for me, I'm good."  And, "My opposition is bad, so vote for me."

Most people who have studied above 7th grade know that it's more complex than that, but I didn't have time to get into appeals to authority, glittering generalities, etc...

But I did show students four political ads for presidential candidates, four for governor, and two for senate.  

For president, I tried to show an example of each kind for each candidate:  I'm good: vote for me.  They're bad: vote for me.

I'm posting them here, so you can see what we watched.  If students want extra credit, they're supposed to read and discuss the blog post with an adult.  If they did that, they should write at least 2 sentences from the discussion, and have the adult sign it.  Turn the paper in tomorrow.

Maybe talk about whether or not you voted, and why...

Clinton: Anti-Trump Ad

Trump:  Anti-Clinton Ad

Clinton:  Pro-Clinton Ad

Trump:  Pro-Trump Ad

Holcomb ad:

Gregg ad:

Holcomb ad:

Gregg ad:

Bayh ad:

Young ad: