Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chris Staples

So, this blog "Writing to comprehend" takes it's name from the Anna Kamienska quote, "I write to comprehend, not express myself."  This book of hers is fantastic.  So, originally I wasn't writing for anyone else - just myself.

Then of course, it took on another incarnation as my classroom blog - which was still reflective, cathartic, and beneficial for me.

But during the summer... Well... I can write what I want, right?

This may seem to go against everything the blog originally stood for, and make no sense on the classroom blog format.  I just bought Chris Staples new album: American Soft.  I'm including it here for two reasons.  Mr. Staples music has encouraged me for the past decade and a half, and it has helped me comprehend myself and my place in the world.  So it fits in with the blogs original theme.

And two: Staples isn't on some big huge record label bathing in hundred dollar bills.  (As far as I know...)  So, for the 1.3 people who read this each week - it gets him some free and well deserved publicity.  I can't force you to buy any of his stuff.  But if I could, I would.