Monday, March 23, 2015

Hinduism Kahoot!

Today we played a Hinduism Kahoot.  If you want credit for the extra credit, explain what it is, and how you did.  If you REALLY want to go for it, you could play it.  You'll probably want a computer and some mobile devices.  Have the person on the computer click THIS LINK.  The people with a mobile device should GO HERE.  ( Type in your access code, etc...

You could even tell your friends you're playing.  I think that would work...  Who knows?

If you've done that, write a note telling me how it went.  If you stick to the discussion instead of playing the Kahoot, write me a note about that.  Either way, make sure your name, date, and hour are on it.  Have the adult you discussed with sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow.

It'a a new day.  It's a new dawn.  It's a new marking period.  And I'm feeling good.

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