Thursday, November 19, 2015

Government Picture Quizzes

We've been looking at the different types of government.  We filled out a chart with the types of governments we want the students to know.  Make sure you have a copy:

(That might actually be an older version, but the one we're using today will be very, very similar.)

Today students made quizzes for each other by drawing pictures of each government.

In order to get the extra credit, you need to take one of these quizzes.  Discuss the pictures with an adult.  Tell them why you think it's the type of government you think it is.  You may use the chart (above if you left yours at school) if you want.  I've posted 3 today.  You can choose which one you want to take.  You only have to take one, but I won't stop you from taking them all. Here they are:

Quiz one comes from student S.L.

Quiz two comes from student J.R.

Quiz three comes from student C.C.

Again, to get the extra credit, you needed to take one of the quizzes, and turn it in in the extra credit tray.  Make sure your name, date, and hour are on it.  Have the adult you discussed the blog with sign the paper as well.

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