Friday, April 22, 2016

WWII: The Toll, The Hope

The three big ideas I wanted students to get today:

1: Demand for natural resources - human exploitation

  • Demand for natural resources led to 
    • Exploration which led to
      • Colonization which led to 
        • Human exploitation

2:  Japan was with us in WWI... what changed before WWII?

  • Economic depression - Japan needed natural resources
    • Japan invaded Manchuria (for land and natural resources)
      • Russia (China's neighbor) sided with China
        • Russia was allied with England (and probably eventually the U.S.)
          • Japan bombed Pearl Harbor

3:  The toll WWII took on the world was not insignificant.

For that last one, we watched a video.  It's a bit long, but I recommend it.  If you even just watch the first 7 minutes, it's worth it.  If you're class didn't get to see the end, watch that for extra credit.

If students watch it and discuss it with an adult, they may earn extra credit.  To get the credit, they should write a paragraph telling about the discussion.  Have the adult they discussed with sign the paper, and turn it in on Monday.

Here's the video:

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