Monday, April 9, 2012

Differences/ Tests Passed Back

So, today we came up with a list of differences between The Hunger Games book and movie.  We broke it apart into two lists: things that were taken out of the movie, things that were put into the movie.  Here's some of what we came up with:  *Spoilers for those parents who haven't read the book/ seen the movie*


Madge - mayor's daughter
Haymitch falling off the stage
Peeta never got a prosthetic leg/ no tourniquet
Rue talking about the other districts
Katniss was supposed to yell out Peeta's name, but she whispered it
At the end where Katniss tells Peeta she doesn't really love him
Doesn't knock out Peeta (with the "magical potion...")
Haymitch sending them the feast of lamb stew, etc...
Avox girl being lifted into the hovercraft.  (Avoxes in general)
All the water sources drying up, and Katniss being dehydrated
Rue already had leaves on Katniss
Ear injury/ going deaf
Hand injury (her leg was injured, but she didn't burn her hand)
Coat on fire

Katniss didn't get the pin from the store
Peeta didn't mark Cato's hand with a bloody x
Katniss didn't get bread from District 11
Rue chewed up the leaves
Careers didn't find Katniss in a river, they found her in a tree

Everyone was clothed all the time
Daylight when chased by mutts
Mutts were supposed to look like dead tributes
When Cato died, he died in like... 5 seconds
Katniss cut the branch during the Anthem
Cato didn't have body armor...

Dogs were supposed to jump out and chase Cato first.
Flavius/ Octavia/ Venia mostly taken out

Seneca (weird beard/ head gamemaker) locked in room with berries.
Got pin from market
Rebellion in District 11
Took longer to walk in the woods
Gamemakers - like everything...
District 4 kid (curly hair) getting killed
Rue stealing the knife
Peeta tells Katniss to hold his hand on the chariot
Claudius and Caesar explaining things that were happening

Backpack = orange and black
Haymitch watching the father from the Capitol give his son a present
"That's mahogany!"
Haymitch talking to Seneca to change the rules (give the audience a love story)
Gale ignoring the games

I'm a little bit sad because this is probably the last day we'll talk about the book or movie in here.

At any rate, the final class of the day we came up with 5 main reasons we think the director made changes, and we tried to place each change into one of the categories.  T= Save time  A= Appropriate/ make PG-13  R= It wouldn't look real/ it would look fake  K=See into Katniss's head  F= Forshadowing what might happen in later books.

To get the extra credit, read through the list and put 5 changes into one of the categories.  Write them down on a piece of paper along with the letter of the category they belong in.

I've posted grades.  If you still have access to STI, feel free to check them out.  I passed back the tests today.  Don't forget to bring them back tomorrow.

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