Monday, April 23, 2012

Human Capital

Today we studied human capital.  Students looked at the term, and explained some charts.

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The students listed a job and gave examples of human capital that fit that job.  (For example, if they chose teacher, they gave examples of Knowledge: curricular content, math for grading, technology/computer knowledge - such as SMARTboard, document cam, etc...; Skills & Abilities: interpersonal, classroom management, technology; Creativity: classroom decor, lesson plan creation; Life Experiences: student teaching, travel experience.)

Then they went around the class, sharing their examples with three others.  They did a really good job with this activity - listing various jobs, and being very accurate about what skill sets, and knowledge bases were needed to succeed in them.

We also looked at another graph from the Department of State:

Human Capital FSA Countries
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If you want the extra credit for today for reading the blog, discuss the following questions: What job did you choose for the bellwork assignment?  Give examples of human capital needed for those jobs.  Why might a company want to invest in increasing the human capital of it's employees?

When you are finished discussing the blog, write a brief definition of human capital, and how you are investing in your own human capital.  Then, have the adult you discussed the blog with sign the paper.  Finally, write down the number of minutes it took you to complete this. 

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