Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Graded Maps

Today we graded our maps, so in lieu of posting extra credit, I'm putting them in the grade book.

Thanks for checking in though.  Maybe you can spend some time discussing what you did the rest of the day.  Seriously...  What DID you do today?  How'd you do on that math quarterly assessment?  Or what about Language Arts?  You did some vocabulary stuff in there, right?  (Stuff... how's that for some higher level vocab?...)  Did you also read "Thanksgiving With the Conners?"  What's going on in that?

Well, I'm not giving extra credit today.  But I'm going to try to have your grades entered.  But even that is going to be a stretch since I have a doctor's appointment.  Wish me luck.

If you need to complete an AFRICAN MAP, you can get a copy by clicking on the link, or going to the school webpage and clicking on "For Students" and then "H Block Assignments."  You will need to borrow a book.

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