Saturday, October 26, 2013

I've Got Tracker-Jackers Outside My House

I hope you're all having a fantastic fall break.  Mine's been pretty relaxing.  I've read a couple books, and I look forward to some football this afternoon - and especially this evening when Penn State takes on Ohio State.  You know, I'm going for PSU, but you've got to give OSU some props for THIS...  I'm not sure which is better - the OSU version, or THE ORIGINAL...

Well, you're probably not checking out the blog for all that.  You're just in it for the money.  Or the extra credit points at any rate.

Here's what we're doing on Monday: you're going to come in, and finish off the map.  Then, we'll probably continue discussing Ghana, Mali, and Songhai.  (Remember, we were learning about Ghana with the gold/salt trade game.)  Tuesday we'll grade the maps and see how one kingdom grew from another.  If there's time, we'll read The Hunger Games.  Wednesday and Thursday we'll finish up our studies on West Africa.

That's the plan at least.

You know, most of my classes have reached the tracker-jacker section.  On the off chance you're not there yet, I won't spoil anything.  But I had to post this, because Rue's tiny hand pointing to the nest above Katniss was fresh in my mind when I saw this in my yard yesterday:

I can just imagine Katniss up there, furtively sawing close to the trunk as the anthem played.  ...Yeah... I should probably take care of that.

I know today's post doesn't have a lot to do with class.  But somehow prove you were here.  I don't care how today.  It's fall break for crying out loud.  Have an adult sign it.  Then go relax while you still can.

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