Monday, December 9, 2013

Intro to Governments

I've got to get working on the test, so it'll be a super-short post today.

We started off class by doing a little more of an in-depth comparison of Yertle and The Hunger Games.  Similarities between Snow and Yertle, Katniss and Mack.  What the turtles represented, why they listened to Yertle... etc....  

We also compared Yertle to Saddam.  So many places in the book we hear Yertle saying, "Oh marvelous me," and by the end he's no longer "king of all he can see," but rather "king of the mud."

If you weren't here today, make sure you get a governments chart when you get back.  Also, make sure you define "rule of law" on the back.  The definition we gave was "rule of law = everybody must obey the law, no matter who you are."

If you read and discussed this blog post with an adult, you can get some extra credit.  If you want it, write the following quote on a scrap of paper, "It must be a very fragile system if a handful of berries can topple it."  Then, turn it in tomorrow.


  1. I wish your system was that fragile... MAX LEHMAN

  2. It is, but please don't let anybody know.