Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Malala Part II

One of the things Ms. Yousafzai says in her interview with Jon Stewart is:

"We are human beings, and this is part of our human nature.  ...That we don't learn the importance of anything until it is snatched from our hands."

Yesterday, when we read the Junior Scholastic article, I noticed several ears perk up when we got to the part about education being made illegal.  "Whaaaa?..." I could hear my students say, "That doesn't sound like such a bad thing..."

Today we watched the first 6 minutes of the interview and talked about learning the importance of something after it's gone.  How many of us have felt that way about school?  I imagine most of my students have probably thought from time to time: "Man... I don't want to go in today!  The covers are so warm.  The floor is so cold.  Seriously, just a couple more hours of sleep..."

I imagine very few of them - no, very few of all of us - realize what a good thing (or good things) we have going for us.

There was a lot we discussed today.  Why she continued going to school - why she wasn't homeschooled by her father.  Women's rights here in America, and all over the world.  Education.  Human capital.  Human rights.

This all ties in with governments of course.  And I gave students a paper to draw pictures of each of the governments we're studying.  It's not homework, mind you.  Just remember to bring it back tomorrow with your colored pencils.

We'll have some map practice tomorrow on Malala's home country, and then we'll finish those pictures up.

I'm including The Daily Show interview, in case you're interested.  You don't have to watch it to get credit for reading and discussing the blog, but it is very good.  And we didn't watch the whole thing in class.

If you want extra credit for reading and discussing the blog, make sure you read it and discussed it with an adult.  Maybe thank them for reading and discussing this with you.  It's very nice of them.  You've got a good thing going - you wouldn't want to lose it.

To earn the extra credit, find a scrap of paper.  Write a short thank you note to the person who is reading and discussing the blog with you.  Let them know that you appreciate them taking the time to help you raise your grade.  It may be a good time to thank them for a couple other things as well...  Just a thought.  When you're done, have them sign it.

See you tomorrow.

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