Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 Stations - 2015

In class today, students went from station to station looking at and analyzing political cartoons that came out shortly after 9/11.  Some of them are pretty complex, but I feel like the students are getting them.

For each one, I ask several questions - starting off with the basic, and working my way to the more complex and more abstract.

I'll give you some examples in a minute.

Before they got to that though, they watched a short video on the Pearl Harbor attacks:

A couple of the cartoons referenced Pearl Harbor.  As many of the students had never learned about this event, I thought it was only fair (and necessary) to give them some background information.

Here are a couple examples of what the class did - although, I'm giving different political cartoons.

1.  What is the heading on this cartoon?
2.  What are the three images?
3.  What happened in each of the 3?
4.  What is the Statue of Liberty doing?
5.  Did Japan or al Qaeda actually/ officially declare war?
6.  What is this cartoonist saying?

1.  Who is in this picture?
2.  Where are they?
3.  How do you know?
4.  One man is saying, "We've reached the top."  What 2 places could "the top" mean?
5.  What is this cartoonist trying to say?

1.  Who are the people in this picture?
2.  Where are they standing?
3.  What is unusual about them?
4.  The heading says, "TWIN TOWERS..."  Why?
5.  What is this cartoonist trying to say?

Students may earn extra credit by reading and discussing the blog with an adult.  In order to prove you were here today, choose one of the political cartoons and answer the questions on a piece of paper with the adult you read the blog with.  Make sure your name, date, and hour are on the paper.

Turn it in on Monday.

If you want to tell them about some of the cartoons that were around the room, please do.

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