Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Contact Form and Extra Credit

Congratulations on making it to the classroom/extra credit blog.

Hopefully your child (or whoever you know that's in my class) filled out THIS FORM on their own this morning.  I'm asking that you fill it out too.

I know that many of you filled out a form or two or five at orientation, or when you registered for the school.  Unfortunately, I can't separate that all out in a way that would make it readable.

When you fill out the Contact Information Form (yes, it's the same link... I thought that if I posted it twice, you'd be more likely to fill it out...) you will be asked if you want a daily homework reminder emailed to you.

I don't care if you check the yes or the no box.  I want you to do whatever is best for your family.  You may opt out or opt in at any time.

Today in class students worked on learning (or relearning) the continents and oceans.  They're retaking the test tomorrow.  I also showed them several more ways they may earn extra credit.   One of them is by reading and discussing this very blog with a parent.

If students read and discussed the blog with a parent, they can earn extra credit.  To prove that they were here, have the student write a sentence telling whether their parent (or guardian or other adult) read and filled out the Contact Information Form.  Then, have the adult sign it.  (Yes, my dad John Habecker read and completed the Contact Information Form.  Signature_______________________  ...Or No, my dad...)

Obviously, I don't need proof that you filled it out.  I can look it up.  I just need proof that you were here for the extra credit.  And I wanted one last reminder to fill out the form.

Make it a good one.

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