Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Writing on Desks

One of the first things we work on in this class is learning/relearning the continents and oceans, and understanding how latitude and longitude lines work.

There's something that seems inherently fun about writing on desks.  I don't know if it's because it's generally forbidden, or because dry-erase markers are so much more fun to work with than pencils, but we wrote on the desks themselves today.

I projected this map onto the SmartBoard:

They had to draw it on their desks.

When they were done, they added the Equator and Prime Meridian.  Then they also added 180° E/W without looking it up.  ...Then they added 90°W and 90°E without looking.

We didn't spend a TON of time on it, but the students did a good job:

We took a test over the continents and oceans really early - before we'd studied them.  Students are required to retake that test until they get a 12/12.  If they haven't earned that score yet, they should make sure to see me about retaking the test.

I should add that we also read a little bit of The Hunger Games today.  I keep finding more and more that ties in with this class.

If students read and discussed the blog, they should have the adult they read and discussed it with draw a map of the world.  They aren't allowed to take more than 2 minutes.  If students can get the adult to do this, and they both sign the paper, students will earn 5 extra credit points.  Just make sure you turn in the paper tomorrow.  (Put it in the extra credit tray.  ...Make sure your name is on it.)

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