Wednesday, December 14, 2011

High Schoolers Are Scary

I'm just getting back from the high school.  I went over because there were a couple of kids who have brothers or sisters over there, and I thought maybe they could help out with some stuff.  (Reading...)  I was really encouraged by how it went, but man the high schoolers have changed so much since junior high!  Parents, get ready.

Over here, when they're in the classroom they're generally well behaved.  I almost see them as high schoolers instead of junior highers - I'm not just blowing smoke.  I think of these kids as young adults - but going to the high school?  *Phwew*  Those kids aren't kids.  They're monsters.  They're huge.  They're scary.  And quite nice.  A lot of them said hi.

Sorry if you're reading this and thinking, "geez... what does that have to do with social studies?"  The answer is: nothing.  Although, it might point out that I care.  A lot.  About reading, and making sure that every kid has every opportunity to succeed.  Also, thinking outside the box...

As for social studies, we're still working on that webquest.  We'll be doing that until Friday - it's a big deal, a lot of points.  We also worked on the three monotheistic religions, and.... AND... we had a little time to read The Hunger Games. 

We labeled a chart on the three monotheistic religions... here it is. 

I wish I could figure out a way to attach documents to this blog.  If I could do that, then anytime a student was absent, they could get the work right away.  How awesome would that be?  ("Uggg... not very awesome," come the collective groans of the students used to not making up their work from absences...)

If anybody knows how to attach documents to this thing, comment on the blog and let me know.  Or you could send in how to do it with your kids extra credit slip.

Speaking of extra credit, if you want it discuss the following nonsense:
How far are you on the webquest?  Did you compare any of the laws yet?  What happened in today's reading of The Hunger Games?  How well do you know the basics about the three monotheistic religions?  Quiz each other using the chart - you can click on it to make it bigger.

To receive extra credit, write the following phrase on a scrap of paper: "What impact did the potential energy have on the kinetic energy of the sleigh?"  Whichever adult read and discussed the blog, sign that piece of paper.  ONLY SIGN THIS IF YOU DISCUSSED THE QUESTIONS AT THE END OF THE BLOG!  Sorry for all CAPs.  I'm not shouting at you, but when I've already bolded and italicized this whole thing, I didn't know what else I could do to draw attention to it.  For a bonus high five tell who came up with the code/phrase/question of the day and why it's today's question.


  1. Mr. Habecker, to upload/attach a file to the blog you need to upload it to a hosting site, I prefer (Just sign up and you can upload), and then grab the link from there (after uploading) and post it in your blog.

    -Kevin, 6th hour.

  2. Thanks Kbarnes. I'm going to try it out. I think your comment warrants beaucoup extra credit points, don't you?