Monday, December 12, 2011

Online Maps

We've basically finished up the 3 monotheistic religions.  We'll come back to it next week to see how they all relate, but for the most part we're finished.

Today we looked at the Middle East.  The Middle East is predominately Islamic, so it fits right in.  (And of course it ties in with multiple standards.  Because of the continuing Reading and Math Push my students are frightfully behind on basic map skills.  The online games we played in class are a great way to help them with spacial recognition.  Don't forget, I give extra credit for every five games they play.  They can play the Middle East game right here
Tomorrow we're going to review Mesopotamia and Hammurabi.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I've been waiting to try out this webquest I made up.  You can take a sneak peak by clicking on Mesopotamia and Hammurabi.  ...Either one.

If you didn't do the homework over the weekend - which was to visit this blog and discuss the questions, make sure you do that.  (Friday's blog entry...)  Turn in the sheet before 8:00 AM if you want to get credit for it on your progress report.

If you want to get extra credit for reading and discussing todays blog here's what you have to do:
Click on the Middle East game link.  Challenge whoever you're reading/discussing this with to a best 2 out of three games Middle East Countries (middle column) level one.  Student goes first.

When you're finished, write the following on a piece of scrap paper: Computers are our friends.  Have the adult that played the game with you sign the paper.  Adult, by signing the paper you are stating that you really did play at least the best 2 out of 3 games.  If you got smoked and played more - bravo.

Love this one... where's the Middle East?  And Where's the Mid-West?

map of the world from xkcd
If you like this comic, and want to see more of this type of humor, feel free to check out xkcd here.  Enter at your own risk.  I haven't read all of the comics.

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  1. It looks like the person in that cartoon is from Indiana.