Friday, December 2, 2011

Pop Quiz

I was planning on giving the kids a pop quiz today...  I didn't go through with it.  So sue me.  ...They were happy.  I told them to count on having a pop quiz on Monday.  I realize that takes a little bit of the "pop" out of it.  I told them what it would cover... less and less like a "pop" quiz, right?  More and more like a regular, old, boring quiz.

In case you're wondering, here's some stuff that will be on it:

Hopefully they can explain that...  If not, well... good luck on the pop quiz.  There'll also be this:
Today for bellwork, we discussed The Hunger Games.  I can't stress enough how much I care about reading comprehension.  It's one thing to read the book.  It's another to make sure they're getting what we're reading.  I understand that this isn't a language arts class, but the book ties in so well with the curriculum.  I'm only worried that it's taking too much time away from the fact memorization we need to do for testing...

Here's the thing though, if this helps increase reading comprehension, it's going to help all areas of testing anyway.  All parts of the test require reading skills.

So, to get the extra credit today (well, Monday...) ask your kid what's going on in the book.  Ask them who their favorite characters are, and why.  Ask them if they would have taken Prim's place, or is there someone whose place they would have taken.  Ask them if they'd be courageous or fearful if they were in Katniss's place.  Ask them how they feel about the hunger games in general - the games themselves, not the book.  There's plenty more you could ask... and actually, as I'm reading over this, that might be a lot.  Maybe just pick a couple of those.

You know, every time I write this, I picture a loving parent with their child at home reading over the blog together, laughing, reminiscing about a scene from The Hunger Games, politely discussing politics, religion, or whatever topic we're studying...  Sometimes I snap out of my reverie though, picturing a mother glaring: "SO-AND-SO!  YOU GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!  YOU WILL READ THIS BLOG ENTRY!"  The daughter rolling her eyes, wishing she could be texting her bff about some cute boy three lockers down.  Uggg... social studies is such a drag.  "O.M.W.," she'll cry, texting her friend "ttyl, brb" at the exact same moment.  Apologies if your life mirrors the latter rather than the former.

Also, you could study for the quiz.  One more question that will be on it is: define monotheism.

So, if you want the extra credit make sure you bring in a piece of paper that has the following phrase: Thanks for reading and discussing the blog with me.  It's been so much fun.

In order to get the extra credit, it must be signed by the adult you discussed it with.  If you didn't have a heart-warming chat about social studies with some adult in your life, don't tell me.  Let me live in my imagination.


  1. Well, *I* certainly wouldn't have taken Prim's place. Actually, since I don't have kids, I don't think there's anyone whose place I'd take. (I'm too old anyway!)

    Maybe in a few years, when Elly & Gwen are older. Anyone tries to hurt them, I will smack 'em upside the head!

    I mean smack the person trying to hurt them... not smackin' the kids... obvz.

    I'm loving these posts, BTW. You really need to check out #sschat, BTW2.

  2. Thanks, Clix. It's interesting... sometimes I get 10-20 papers back. Some days I get 5. I've always had a couple though.

    I don't know what I would have done. Probably stepped in, then regretted it the rest of the time. (Assuming Prim was my little sister of course...)

    Thanks for protecting L and Gwen. : ) I'll let 'em know you love them.