Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back by Popular Demand

First, here's the pop quiz I gave today - in case you're interested:

I had a number of students tell me they enjoyed challenging their parents last night, so the geography challenge is extended for one more night.

To get the extra credit points today, play the ONLINE GEOGRAPHY GAMES.  You have to play Middle East, and you have to play the countries.

You each have to play at least twice.  If it's a tie, there must be a tie-break.  Feel free to play some  more, remember, you can always get extra credit for playing these games.

Bring in a piece of paper telling me who won, and how close it was.  Have the adult sign the paper.

If you're attempting this on an iPhone, or SmartPhone, or Droid, or whatever else they have out now, let me know how it goes.  (If you genuinely attempt it, and it doesn't work, I'll still give you the credit.)

And, because I can, here's a song I really like.

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