Monday, February 25, 2013

The Old One Two Punch

We're going to be going back and forth here for a while - building off previous knowledge.  We were studying religions, but then started into studying imperialism and colonization.  But now we're moving into studying Hinduism and Buddhism - more religions.  And then we'll study the British colonization of India - more imperialism.

In some ways, social studies is a lot like math.  We don't have a "Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally," - which you should probably understand before attempting AP Calculus, but the concepts often do build off one another.

I collected the homework today, and we went over the symbolism from the simulation: the destroying of the flag represents the destroying of the culture, just because one culture is more advanced when it comes to weaponry does not necessarily mean that the culture is "better."  ... Or "worse."

Changing the dress symbolized... dress.  The chant/song symbolized the arts, customs, and language.

Some students had trouble with the flag.  Yes, for this activity it symbolized the arts, but more than that - as in our own society, it symbolizes our values and government.

I have a meeting right now, so I'll keep the post short.

As always, if you want the extra credit, discuss today's blog.  Adults, ask some good questions about colonization, globalization, and imperialism.  Students, if you want the extra credit, write the following quote on a piece of paper proving you were at the blog today: "What are we excusing Aunt Sally for this time?"  Then, have the adult sign it.  True, this may not prove that they discussed the blog with you, but hopefully they're aware something's going on.

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