Saturday, February 23, 2013

Colonization Simulation Breakdown

If you were absent Friday, instructions are at the bottom.

Sorry I didn't post this earlier, I know some of you like to check it right away - especially if you were absent and need to download the homework...  I had a meeting during prep, then I played a minor role in a movie (don't worry, you'll probably get to see it and make fun of me...)  Then, I went to the High School to get tickets for sectionals - the athletic office closed at 3:30, and Friday was the last day to order tickets.  I'm sure those of us who missed the game are all bummed we missed it last night.  Another reason I didn't post this until now was because I was watching and rewatching this clip from WNDU:

Yeah.  There you go.  Fantastic.

How can you go from that to social studies?  Good question.

We started to debrief the colonization simulation.  We'll finish up on Monday.  Because of the two hour delay, the we didn't have as much time in class, so the students all had homework.  To get the extra credit for reading the blog tonight, discuss that (completed) homework with whoever it is you read the blog with.

Have them sign the homework.  Turn it in on Monday, but make sure that the signature is prominent, so that I'll definitely see it when I'm grading those things.

Also, the key here is that you discuss it.  So, make sure that happens.  I trust you guys.

*But what about 6th hour, Mr. Habecker?  What about us?  We finished it in class...  (sad face)*

6th hour, you can discuss it, find a scrap piece of paper lying around the house, and have the adult you read the blog with sign it, stating you did discuss the homework that you turned in Friday.  If I find out Monday you conned your parents, and you didn't actually turn in the homework, you won't get credit for the extra credit either.

And if you were absent, you can download the homework here: BLOCK H RESOURCES and download the "colonization break down."

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