Monday, March 25, 2013

Make Up Work

We'll finish learning about the Indian Independence Movement this week.  I promise.  But today I needed to post about make-up work.

The quarter ends Thursday.  All make-up work must be in by then.

If you're missing something, it's up to you to get it and turn it in.

Here's a link to almost all the assignments you can make up.  If you don't have a printer, print them out at school.

 Finally, if you never read and discussed the February 14th blog post with an adult, here's a link for that as well.

Alright.  If you read the post today for extra credit, tell me what your grade is, and if you're missing anything.  If you ARE missing anything, you won't get the extra credit points until you turn that in.

Also... someone owes me a cupcake.  Yes, person from 5th hour, you know who you are:


  1. Hey thanks for the information but how owns you a cupcake? Also when will you post more class pictures


    1. I'll try to remember to point this out 5th hour. :)

  2. Hey Mr.Habecker, can i do the Feb 14 and todays extra credit all in one paper and give it to you?