Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Irony

Oh, the irony.  It's the end of the marking period - the time when most students are checking the blog for extra credit... and I don't have time to post because I was hosting the talent show.  (Nice job, everybody.)

I'll post this though - if you weren't here today, you have some work to do.  The Civil Disobedience Picture can be downloaded HERE.  You don't have to print the second page, but that's where you can find the directions.

It must be turned in tomorrow - unless you aren't here.  In that case, turn it in after spring break.  ...You guys know who I'm talking to...

Finally, I'll also link to this post.  Read that post if you want extra credit tonight.  Remember the marking period ends tomorrow.

...Huh... I guess it's also ironic that I called this post "the irony" because I didn't post it... but then I posted it after all.  It works on so many levels.

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