Thursday, November 21, 2013

Graded Mesopotamia Maps

We graded our Mesopotamia maps today.  They should be entered by 4:00 this afternoon.  If you notice that yours is missing in the grade book, THIS POST will be helpful.  Again, you'll need the book to answer a few questions, but you can use the map on the page to answer most of them...

I have the students grade their own maps for a couple reasons.

  • It provides instant feedback and reinforcement
  • They can correct their mistakes
  • It saves me time
...However, it doesn't save me a TON of time, because I go back through and grade them all myself as well, although, I don't pour over them as I would if I was grading them completely on my own.

Our bellwork today featured a map that included all 4 ancient civilizations we'll be studying this year.  I asked the students to tell me which continent each was on.  Most students were able to do this, no problem.  However, the number of students who couldn't was high enough (and surprising enough) that I adjusted my lesson accordingly.

We played the ONLINE WORLD GEOGRAPHY GAMES (continents and oceans) as a class.  I told my students that if they played the games at home, I'd give them double points if they beat the class high-score of 19 seconds.  This offer only lasts until Tuesday.  ...Seriously, you guys have to know the continents and oceans as a reference point...

Alright.  I don't have time to write more, as I must go look over all those maps, and enter the grades.

If you read and discussed this post with an adult, tell them how you did on your map.  Maybe even challenge them to a quick game of continents and oceans from the link above.  Then, once you've read and discussed write the following phrase on a scrap of paper: "HUNGER GAMES TOMORROW!!!  WOO HOO!!!"  Then, have the adult you read it with sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow.


  1. Can we bring a snack for the movie tomorrow? Max lehman

  2. I'm not authorized to say yes... The movie may have to suffice.