Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mesopotamia Map and Meetings

We're working on our Mesopotamia maps today.  If you need one, you can print it out by CLICKING THIS LINK.  You'll need a blue book to get a few of your answers.  However, you can answer the majority of them by looking at this map I'm providing you.  GO ME!  So, if you don't have a book at home, you don't have an excuse.

We'll be grading these tomorrow, so if you're not done - make sure you finish right away.  If you left the map at school, skip the bellwork and finish the map.

Yesterday I had another meeting, so I didn't get to post.  Sorry about that.  I did learn a bunch of technological stuff though.  And I saw some of your parents.

So, I didn't get to mention that we watched The Mesopotamians Video.  It's good.  Apparently, students still remember it when they get to high school.  ...Is it a bit annoying?  Well, maybe.  But definitely worth it:

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing today's blog, tell the adult you read and discussed it with what you know about Mesopotamia.  You should know what their code of laws is called - who it's named after.  You should be able to tell what rivers it was settled by - and you should be able to tell them why it was settled by those rivers.  What system of writing do they use?  It was developed by the Sumerians.

When you're done, write the following sentence on a piece of scrap paper:  "Isn't there a movie about Utnapishtim coming out soon... featuring Russell Crowe, right?"

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