Friday, November 1, 2013

Mansa Musa and Timeline Practice

Today we spent a lot of time working on timelines.  We focused on one in our book that dealt with Ghana, Mali, and Songhai.  I didn't think we'd spend much time on it... but...  well... it took a long time.  Students were just not. getting. it.

More on that later.

We also watched our first crash course video.  John Green is one fast talking dude.  And I wish he wouldn't allude to the swears so much, but he's good.

The video's 10 minutes if you want to watch it.  It takes us about 20 because I pause it to explain and discuss:

It's good.  And it would be good to watch and discuss, but I won't force that upon you because you may not have time.

But if you want the extra credit, you'll have to figure these problems out.  Discuss them with an adult.  Explain to them how you got the answers you did.

How much time is between

  • 2013 c.e. and 2000 c.e.?
  • 2013 c.e. and 1776 c.e.?
  • 1215 c.e. and 1997 c.e.?
  • 853 b.c.e. and 2013 c.e.?
  • 1990 c.e. and 1700 b.c.e.?
  • 1329 b.c.e. and 1499 b.c.e.?
  • 729 c.e. and 1789 b.c.e.?
Write the answers down on a sheet of paper and have the adult you read and discussed with sign it.  Then, have a great weekend.  Seriously, make it really, really great.  

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