Thursday, February 27, 2014


I was rather harsh today in how I dealt out bellwork points.  If students were talking even a little - they were gone.  If students were unprepared - they were gone.  And of course, if students didn't work on the bellwork, or it was incomplete - the points were gone.

Which is probably why some of you showed up today.  You want those points back - and I don't blame you.

I tried to emphasize that I offer unlimited extra credit in here.  If students want it, they can get it.  In the words of Weezer:

"If you want it, you can have it.  You've just gotta learn to reach up there and grab it."

Part of the reason I was being extra strict is that we've got the ISTEP coming up.  There are so many questions that the students think they don't know, but really they do.  Often, when they think they don't know something they'll leave the spot blank rather than read the directions carefully while looking for clues.  If they leave their ISTEPs blank, guess what: 0 points.  And that's how it was today.

If they want the points for today, discuss the ancient civilizations.

Have them tell you which civilization goes with each river: Tigris/Euphrates; Nile; Huang-He or Yellow; Indus.

Then, have them tell you one famous person from the Tigris/Euphrates river valley civilization, and tell you what he (or she) did that was so great.

On a piece of paper, write the person the student named.  Then, students, have the adult you discussed the blog with sign that piece of paper.

Turn it in tomorrow for extra credit.

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