Wednesday, February 26, 2014

T-Minus 13 Days

On the top of a bellwork paper from a highly esteemed colleague, it reads: "T-MINUS 13 DAYS."

I have not been reviewing for the ISTEP yet, but when I see numbers like 13, I start to think... I probably should have started reviewing, you know... 30 days ago.

So, I'm glad he sent me a copy of his bellwork.  I changed my plans for the morning, and switched over to a light review before continuing on with Hinduism.  I think I'll continue that trend until ISTEP is over.  A little review, a little lesson.

One of the best parts about working at Concord, and specifically CJHS is that we generally help each other out.  I really appreciate that.  Maybe we compete to some extent, but in general we're there for each other - and we're looking for success from all our students - whether they're in our class or not.

We've finished up our discussions on Hinduism.

The bell just rang, so I'd like to direct you to THIS POST.  Just read it and do what it says if you want extra credit.  :)

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