Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tearing It Up

We're into exploration and colonization.

If you weren't in class today, click on this link to get the bellwork.

Then, use the map below to complete it.

So, we spent some time with the bellwork.  Most classes came up with a list of natural resources after they found out that was a big part of the answer for number 3.  (That's a huge hint for those of you who were missing yesterday.)

Students turned in their British Empire Maps, which they had completed for homework.

Then we spent the rest of the time going over their graded bellwork from Monday.  Most of their grades ranged from 0-3 out of 16.  So, once I went over why they missed the questions, I'm giving them a chance to make it up.  Well, that's not accurate.  They have to correct their mistakes for homework.

If you weren't here today, make sure you get your original copy from me, along with the new version.

In some classes we also talked a little bit about how War of the Worlds is a story about colonization.  (Or at least, that's one major interpretation of the book...)

I thought I'd add the movie trailer, just for fun... you know?

If you weren't here today (3/5/14), you have to print out, and complete the bellwork to get your points.  If you were here, you should read and discuss the blog with an adult to get the points.  Consider watching the trailer and talking about how it deals with colonization.

When you're done, find a scrap of paper, and write two thoughts from your conversation.  Have the adult you discussed it with sign the paper.


  1. Is there a link to the bell work they are supposed to correct for homework?

    1. No, I didn't put one up since they'd have to get their original bellwork from me anyway. They can pick one up tomorrow if they weren't there today.

    2. (Also, it won't be counted late if they were absent.)