Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Extra Credit Opportunities

Welcome back to the blog! This is Mr. Helmuth again, providing a recap of our day.

Today we learned all about this blog, and how we are able to gain extra credit in Mr. Habecker's class.
One of the easiet (and most fun) ways to recieve extra credit is by completing map games.

Those games can be found by going to the CJHS website, and following these directions:
Click on: Grade Level Resources > Geography Games > and a game of your choice.

You can also follow THIS LINK to the games.

In order to receive credit for the map games, you must do one of the following:

-Print your score, either printing the page or just a screen shot of your score.

-Screen shot your score, and email it to Mr. Habecker. His email can always be found the Junior High Website.
-If you cannot print or email, write down your scores and times, and have an adult sign it.

You must have an adult sign the completed assignment to receive the extra credit.

Mr. Habecker also allows extra credit with the class blog. The route to the blog is:
CJHS website > Staff Directory > Social Studies > Philip Habecker > and click on the world icon

Extra credit for the blog is earned by discussing the blog with an adult, having them sign a piece of scrap paper with your NAME, DATE, and HOUR on it.  Today, you also have to challenge an adult to a couple map games, record your scores (using one of the methods above), and have the adult sign the paper. Turn it in tomorrow.

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