Friday, August 29, 2014

Quiz Today!!!

Of course, if you were here today or yesterday... or any day this week... you already knew this.

Hopefully you aced the latitude and longitude quiz.  It should be in the grade book by the end of the day.  If you put in your email address, you also got your score emailed to you - along with the your answers, and the correct answers.

If you were absent today, be prepared take the quiz on Tuesday.  Tuesday?   HEY!  WE HAVE MONDAY OFF!!!  WOO HOO!!!  GRILLING!!!! Or eating bowl after bowl of cereal.  They're both acceptable in my book.

After the quiz students were allowed to retake their continents and oceans tests - so congratulations to those of you who finally passed it.  If you still need to get an 11/11, you may retake it Tuesday during CAP.

We're starting something new on Monday Tuesday.  Be ready.

Until then, have a great weekend.

If you want extra credit for coming to the blog and reading it with an adult, write a sentence telling me something fun that you're doing this weekend.  Then have the adult sign the paper.  This will prove to me that you were here.

Make sure to include your name, date and hour.


  1. The word 'fun' isn't in my vocabulary -- this weekend or any other weekend. Does that mean you're going to discriminate against me and deny me any extra credit?

    1. HERE YOU GO! Problem solved. No discrimination needed.

  2. Are we having late arrival tommorrow