Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Culture and Cake

After a long weekend, its nice to see everyone back and wide awake today! Mr. Helmuth here with another guest blog post.

Today in class we began with a memory map, which asked us to draw the world and label the continents and oceans. The goal of this assignment was to see how fast we could label these items, and not worrying so much about our drawing skills.

Following the map, we were introduced to the cake that makes our world so different: Culture!

We managed to touch on a few aspects of culture, which we compared to a cake. Similar to a recipe, culture requires ten BIG ingredients: food, customs, religion, standard of living, dress, arts, values, language, government, and ethnicity. 

And remember, while these ingredients are important, there are many other ingredients that can be added for extra flavor. We named history, education, and "swagger" as other possible ingredients. 

For the extra credit tonight, discuss with a parent an aspect of your family's culture, write down what they say, have them sign it, and turn it in tomorrow. 


  1. nine. art is for namby-pambies

    1. Tell it to Justin Bieber. Besides, I've been thinking of upping it to 12 or 14. We had the students come up with ones we might be missing, and they had some good ones: education, geography, mores, ...(ok, that one came from a colleague...) sports, architecture...

      Geography might not work - because it's not really the culture itself - but it definitely influences the culture, and helps create it - if you know what I mean.