Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Urbanization & Industrialization

Yesterday Mr. Helmuth taught the concept of urbanization to the students.  They had the option to move into the city and have more employment opportunities.

There's a bit of a cycle here: as people would move to cities, factories would spring up in cities - drawing more people.

When a country moves from agriculture (farming) to industries (factories) we call this industrialization.

That's the term we gave students today.  They had some questions from a map for bellwork.  Here's the map:

After that, we took some notes depicting the play between urbanization and industrialization.

Mr. Helmuth even let me use my mad artistic skills for the notes today...  He's so generous:

I should probably put all the picture notes in here, but there's just not time.  And you're probably running short on time at home, too.

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing the blog with an adult, find a scrap of paper.  Adults, ask the student what urbanization and industrialization mean.  Have them write their definitions down on a piece of paper.  Then, have the adult sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow in the extra credit tray.

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