Thursday, September 18, 2014

Banananovia Part II

Man, we're rich.  We are STINKING RICH!!!!!!!

We have a monopoly on bananas, since nobody knows where they come from aside from us.  Our magic school bus flying school bus had been fixed, and the students came up with tons of stuff the Banananovians might be interested in: steak, pizza, shoes, electronics, cars, schools, our language, books, bananas...

It's crazy, but in almost every class I've got a joker who will say "bananas."

We took bananas back to Industralia, and manufactured goods back to Banananovia.  Over the course of several trips, and several years we became very wealthy.

Banananovia increased it's standard of living.  Before we arrived, the literacy rate was at 0%.  Now Banananovia has several schools.  It has several hospitals.  The infant mortality rate has dropped.  People are healthier.  They're living longer.  They don't need to make new clothes every two days.  Overall this has been a win-win for everybody involved.

But I was down in Banananovia the other day, and all at once it hit me: Where am I?

I looked around, and I didn't see anybody wearing the traditional Banananovian dress.  People everywhere were speaking English, wearing T-shirts and jeans.  They were going into McDonald's and ordering in English.  The Bananafest has barely any bananas.  They're selling cotton candy and corn dogs.

I was in Banananovia, but it sure felt like Elkhart, Industralia.

If you want extra credit, you're supposed to read and discuss this blog with an adult.  Once you've read and discussed it, find a scrap of paper.  To prove that you were here, write whether you think what happened to the Banananovians was a good thing, or a bad thing overall.  Then, write one sentence telling me why.  Finally, have the adult you read it with sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow.  (Make sure your name/date/hour is on it.)

For fun, here are some pictures of the Banana-dance.

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  1. Mr. Habecker you looked like fred weasley with that wig.