Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Technology Shrinking the World

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Mr. Helmuth here with a recap of today's festivities. Today we focused on the idea of technology shrinking the world. I asked the class to think of all their sources of technology, and how they use it to communicate.

Many of us are fortunate enough to communicate with people outside of the United States. While contact with the rest of the world is not a new idea, it is becoming much easier for us to make connections with others around the globe.

As technology increases, the world increases its communication, developing a common culture.

Many examples were given, including: Facebook, Skype, texting, email, phone calls, etc.

To make the day extra fun, we thought we would kick it off with a latitude and longitude quiz to see what remember.

Here's the map we looked at, via mapsoftheworld.

Remember that for the extra tonight you should read and discuss the blog with an adult, have them sign and date it, and turn it in tomorrow. For the extra credit, give me three examples how you think technology is shrinking our world.

Please keep in mind that we have a test on Friday, so give yourselves plenty of time to relax and study beforehand! See you tomorrow.

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