Friday, October 3, 2014

Government Act-It-Outs (2014 Version)

We really should have filmed these.  So far, they've been excellent.  (We're in 4th hour right now.  Don't let me down, rest of the day...)

As I said yesterday, students were assigned one of the 7 forms of government we study, and they had to create a short skit depicting it.

So far, I was able to correctly identify every single one.  It's rare when that happens - not because I don't know my governments, but because the students don't always portray them very well.

I'll keep this post short again.  If you want extra credit, tell the adult you read this with how your group did.  What was your government?  How did you portray it?  What was your role?

Then, tell them which group (other than your own) did the best.  Tell them why.

Write two sentences based on your discussion on a scrap of paper.  Have the adult sign the paper.

Make sure your name, date, and hour are on it.  Then turn it in tomorrow.

HEY!  It's the weekend!!!  WOOT WOOT!

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