Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's pajama day here at CJHS, and everyone is looking fly. This is Mr. Helmuth again with a star-studded blog entry.

The weekend came and went, and we are now back into ancient civilizations. The students have spent these past two days in class looking at Mesopotamia, watching several music videos, and taking their government quiz!

The quiz was short and sweet, and went off without a hitch. Most of us did pretty well, so Mr. Helmuth considers himself a happy camper.

With the last half of class we spent our time reviewing Mesopotamia, and watching a John Green video in his "Crash Course" series. Nothing like a little Red Bull-injected education!

If you're only here for the extra credit, this is what you need to complete: Discuss the blog with an adult, have them sign a piece of scrap paper mentioning what you discussed, date it, and turn it in tomorrow. Be sure to include your favorite part of the John green video so that I know you were actually here. Have a good evening, and we'll see you bright and early on twin day!


  1. What john green video? I didnt see it

    1. We watched it in class, but didn't embed it on the blog. You can find it on youtube. A word of caution, we edit out about 12 seconds of "skoodly-pooping."