Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I don't have time for a full post today, but I want to let you know that some students have homework.

In class we worked on a map of the British Empire - which you can download HERE if you were absent.

We also worked on our writing skills to prepare for tomorrow's reading of Shooting an Elephant.  Students were to write sentences with some of the words that will show up in tomorrow's text.  Most finished it, but if they didn't, it was homework.  You can get that HERE.

Tomorrow we read one of my favorite stories of all time.

To prove you were here today, you just have to write a code phrase on a piece of paper, then have the adult you looked at the blog with sign the paper.

Here's the phrase:  "I listened to Cameron Bradley's album, and it was great."

Alright... if you haven't finished the homework, you should probably get working on that...

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