Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Flags and Culture

The colonization simulation is full of symbolism.  The play-doh represents natural resources.  Changing styles of dress represent the different styles of dress in various cultures.  The chant/cheer/song can represent the arts, or customs, maybe even religion...

But what does the flag represent?

The American Flag - although a good-looking, and artistic piece of cloth, does not represent American cultural arts.  Rather it symbolizes everything we stand for as Americans.  It represents our government, and (I would suggest) more importantly, our values.  It represents our culture as a whole.

When students made symbolic flags for their continents, they were supposed to keep this in mind.  And when those flags were destroyed, it was to represent that in all areas, their culture was gone, and replaced by another.

To hammer the point home, we watched John McCain tell a story of his days as a Prisoner of War.  You can watch the video here:

Most classes also played the listing game.  We used natural resources as our topic.  If you want the extra credit today, you have to do two things.  First, rewatch and discuss the video.  Write a couple sentences telling about your discussion.

Second, you have to challenge the adult you read the blog with to the listing game.  The topic is, of course, natural resources.  Write a sentence telling me who won.

When you're done, have the adult you read and discussed with sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow.

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