Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review (Specifically Geography and Globalization)

Students could argue for a better grade, if they didn't like the one they got on their "Shooting an Elephant" summary.  Hopefully I have those changes entered today, but I stayed late yesterday, and I think it's important to spend time with my family.  (Students, if you're reading this with an adult right now, tell that adult how much you appreciate them.  ...For real.  It's really nice of them to read this with you.)

We took a quiz today as well.  (More grades to enter...)  Based on what I've seen so far, it went pretty well.  It was mostly review.  I took screen shots of Google Earth and asked students to identify various continents, oceans, regions and countries.

After that, we watched this sweet video.  If you weren't here today, watch it:

If I had time, we would have looked at the cost to cross the Panama Canal.  Or compared it to the cost of crossing the Suez Canal.  ...But something's gotta give.

If you read and discussed this with an adult, write 3  sentences telling about your conversation.  If you have trouble with that, you could write 3 sentences about the video.  Have the adult sign it, then turn it in tomorrow.  (Make sure your name, date, and hour are on it.)

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