Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Battleship: I Crushed It! I Cheated!

I thought I was going to have the students play each other in Latitude/Longitude Battleship yesterday.  But first hour still had a lot of students who struggled with plotting their points.

So, I decided I would challenge the entire class - starting 2nd hour.  I gave them a grid with the ships already drawn on.  They had to plot them.  And then, students used those to play against me.

It's true - I knew where they had their ships.  ...I'm the one who decided where they went.  That led to some students accusing me of cheating.  But, I really didn't cheat until the very end of the game - and then only a little.

My Ships - With Some Notes on How to Plot

The point of playing together yesterday wasn't winning or losing - or whether or not I cheated.  It was making sure my students can plot the points on their own - and then play against each other today.  And they did.  And it went really well.

Students can get extra credit if they read and discuss the blog with an adult.  Students, explain Latitude & Longitude Battleship to the adult you read the blog with.  To prove you've done this,
find a scrap of paper, and write 2 sentences about the discussion.  Then, have the adult you read with sign the paper.

Make sure your name, date, and hour are on it.  Turn it in tomorrow in the extra credit tray.

If you want to play L&L Battleship, you can print off a form for yourself HERE.

We are also grading the Forestland paper tomorrow.  I believe everybody turned it in today.  If you didn't make sure you get a copy.

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