Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Week of Promises

We're continuing Promises.

To get the extra credit today, discuss what happened in the film.

What is the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict about?
Give at least one example of suffering from each side.
Tell why you think B.Z. (the man who made the film) included the volleyball and track scenes.

After you are done discussing today's portion with an adult, write three sentences about what you discussed on a scrap of paper and have the adult sign it.

Finally, I'm not particularly a Lebron fan.  Neither am I an anti-fan.  Of course he's a great player.  The best in the game right now.  Yeah, I'm pulling for the Pacers...  I'm in Indiana now.  I can embrace that.  However, when a colleague showed me this picture, I had to include it in the blog:

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