Thursday, May 10, 2012

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Map

Wow.  Another day down.

We're starting to review for the final Acuity test, as we're also introducing the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.  There's a map due tomorrow.  You can download it HERE.  I realize you probably don't have the book at home, but you can find everything you need online.  (Don't forget the page numbers are for the blue Our World Today textbook, and not the History Alive! textbook.) Specifically National Geographic's World Map might be helpful.

I'm going to try to get organized, so I'm not writing any more.  To get the extra credit, make sure your map is finished, discuss what you did in class today with an adult.  I don't know... mention the map, maybe some of the review questions... whatever.  On a piece of scrap paper, comment on my random picture of a potato and have the adult you discussed the blog with sign the paper.


random picture of a potato.

Yeah, that was random.  Thank you google images and Aggie Horticulture for that fantastic image.

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