Friday, May 11, 2012

Winston's House

The students read and wrote the ending to a story today.

Before you criticize it as a ripoff, I wrote the story used in the bellwork before the movie UP was created...  We're moving from the Arab Spring into the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, and the story ties in with both.  You can read it (or download it) HERE.  I'm quite pleased with it.  I didn't limit the students on their approach of the story - they could end it however they wanted...  Most students kept the integrity of the story - having our main character choose between staying in the house or leaving.  Many students gave him a happy (albeit unlikely) ending - where he had his cake and ate it too...  And then there was the occasional student ending the story with unicorns, rainbows and pixies...  Yeah... that one was a strange one...  Yet creative.

We graded the maps, and they should be entered in the grade book by the end of the weekend.  I would post them now, but I'm posting this instead.

I walked into Mr. Schlegel's room today and noticed the word "osmosis" on his whiteboard.  I thought I'd branch out a little bit today.  To get the extra credit, discuss the blog with an adult.  Then explain to them why "learning by osmosis" is a bad metaphor.  (See picture below.)  Hint: it has something to do with diffusion.  Another hint?  Not a chance...  Although, if you don't know the answer, you can just write me a note saying you don't know it...  Tell me what your parents thought of the story, and your ending to it.  After you write the note, have the adult you discussed the blog with sign it, and turn it in on Monday.

Mr. Schlegel learning by "osmosis":

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