Monday, September 24, 2012

Cultural Borrowing?

Continuing on with the theme of cultures, we read about cultural borrowing and cultural diffusion today.  The bellwork asked for examples of another culture that have made their way into our culture.

Some classes noted that Native Americans probably didn't speak too much English prior to 1492.  Or 1592.  Or 1692.

I tried to differentiate between Native American culture and present-day American culture, but I'm sure some of that was lost.

We went over the quiz.  I was surprised how many students got tripped up over the map section.  You may want to ask them what was different about it, and why it was different.

Here's the real question though: what does borrowing mean?  If you borrow something, what does that imply?

Yet, cultural borrowing is when something from one culture makes its way to another culture: i.e. pizza coming from Italy, Spanish moving in from South America and Mexico, K-Pop arriving en force within the past couple of weeks.  Are these cultures expecting it back?  Is Pizza Hut going to have to stop selling pizza in 2015?

As always, if you want extra credit, read and discuss the blog with an adult.  Maybe come up with a better way of phrasing "cultural borrowing."  Then, when you're done, find a scrap piece of paper and write down your favorite piece of "borrowed culture" that's made its way to America, and why it's your favorite.  Then have the adult that you discussed the blog with sign the paper.

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