Sunday, September 9, 2012

Graded and What Not

I know I'm a little late putting this post up.  Sorry to those of you who were hoping to get a ba-jillion extra credit points.  You'll now have to settle with 5 less than that.  (Unless you're checking this after 7:30 PM Sunday night.)

So, the reason I didn't update the blog on Friday was because I was updating your grades instead.  There's something to be said for extra credit, but there's something even more to be said for timely feedback.

If you want to check and see how you did on that quiz, it's on STI.  Go ahead and look.  I hope you aced it.  Yeah, you.  The reader reading this right now.  ...If perchance you're not in my class and you happen to be reading this, I hope that you ace the next test you take.

In case you're wondering what we did in class on Friday, we read an excerpt from Dava Sobel's book: Longitude.   Then the students had a little quiz.

In order to get extra credit, read and discuss the blog with an adult.  (Maybe tell them what happened in the story from the bellwork...  I'll give you a hint: Shipwreck.)  When you're done, write the following quote on a scrap piece of paper: "Another hour flying by, and if you told me I was wonderful I probably would wonder why."  Then, have the adult you read and discussed the blog with sign the paper.

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