Friday, September 28, 2012

Banananovia II

Yeah... you decide:
Who is that guy?  Mr. Frizwhitelbecker.  Bam!  And he can even snowboard.  Poorly.

We broke down the Banananovian story today.  We looked at the ingredients in its culture, and how they changed.  Most of our time was spent debating whether we should have contacted them or not.  Unfortunately, we didn't get that all sorted out.  Both sides were argued well.

We also looked at a story I came across today on CNN.  It was interesting, and related to Banananovia in a number of ways.  Sometimes people mock others - or the culture of others - and they do it without thinking, or realizing it's inappropriate.  Often, they are bringing themselves down in the act.

In order to get the extra credit for today's blog, read it and discuss it with an adult.  Some questions to ask: should it be illegal to contact uncontacted peoples?  How does globalization help and hurt smaller cultures?

When you're done, write two sentences from your discussion on a scrap piece of paper, then have the adult you discussed it with sign the paper.


  1. Yes do bananovia 2 we all wsnt to here it

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  2. your wellcome its just my exspersion and others as well.

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  3. hey Mr.habecker my mom doesnt get the story even my sister try to tell her she said it doesnt make sense ( ashia ) :)

  4. yess i love yhur hair ... is that how it was before? enyway your blog took like 3 min ... it was easy so now of to facebook
    by the way its viridiana in your 4th hour class

    1. Thanks. That's pretty much exactly what my hair looked like. Ask anyone.