Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can't Keep Myself Away...

Well, I just can't seem to keep myself away from the blog.  I know I said that yesterday's post was going to be the last post until the break... but here I am, posting even more extra credit for all you extra credit lovers out there.

Here's today's bellwork.  Students had to draw this picture.  It lists reasons ancient civilizations were found near rivers.

Yes.  I'm an artist.  Go me.

Then, we went up to the computer lab and continued to work on our presentations.  They are coming along quite nicely.  If you haven't checked it out yet, go ahead.  I have made some minor changes to it, so if you're working on it from home - then you need to delete your cookies, and empty/clear your browser cache - at least of the questgarden page.  Either way, you should still check it out HERE HERE HERE! if you haven't already. 

If you want the extra credit, you have to read and discuss the blog with an adult.  If you've done that, draw a quick picture of Hammurabi - you can make him look however you want.  Have the adult you read the blog with sign the picture and put it in the extra credit tray tomorrow.

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