Thursday, August 29, 2013

2 Out of 3

We took 2 little quizzes today.  One was actually a pre-test and won't count towards a grade.  The second was the continents and oceans retake - which could only improve a grade.

But we've moved the latitude and longitude quiz back to tomorrow.  I think everyone is ready for it, but in case you're not, look at the picture below:

(Photocredit: docstoc and enchanted learning)

See if you can tell me which states are located at the following locations:

A)  27°N, 82°W
B)  30°N, 100°W
C)  40°N, 90°W
D)  43°N, 85°W

Then, see if you can plot points for California, Indiana, and Maine.

If you do all that on a scrap piece of paper and have an adult sign it, you'll get extra credit.  Turn it in tomorrow.  Make sure your name, date and hour are on it.

If you CAN'T do that.  Yikes.  Looks like tomorrow's quiz is going to be tough.

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