Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another 9/11

It's probably my most emotional draining day as a teacher.  We watch the events of 9/11 as the morning unfolds.  A few years ago, I scoured videos looking for ones that captured the events, but were still age appropriate.

But watching them 6 classes in a row is still draining.  So, please understand I'm not trying to brush you off when I say I don't feel like writing about it at present.

I'll tell you what though, go to this website: TIME'S BEYOND 9/11 SITE.  If you want extra credit tonight, watch any one of the interviews on here with an adult.  Obviously, I haven't watched them all, but the ones I have seen were very well done.  Discuss what you saw with the adult.

To get the extra credit, write down the name of the person (or people) you watched and two things you took from what they said.  Make sure your name, date, and hour are on the paper.

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