Friday, September 27, 2013

Banananovia Finale

There are new twists on the Banananovia story every year.

Last year I added in our home country: Industralia.  The year before, I added in the ladies walking down the street in the customary Banananovian attire.

This year, I accidentally left a kid behind - who later served as a translator when we met back up with the Banananovians to trade.  ...I'll have to remember that for next year.

It's another short post - and today, you don't even have to go clicking on some other old post to get the credit.

I would like you to recount (retell) the story to the adult you're reading the blog with.  Be as detailed as possible, but you don't have to share the full 45 minute story.  :)  You also don't have to wear the wig.

When you're done, tell me whether your parents think what happened to the Banananovians was mostly good, or mostly bad.  (Make sure you share with them some of the positive and negative impacts of globalization on Banananovia.  -Some of the good and bad things that happened because of our trip...)

Write down what they think, and tell me why they think it.  Have them sign the paper, and turn it in on Monday.

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